Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Life at U Mich #1

Holy Cow!

Last Friday, I had lunch with Carl Simon, Scott Page, and the IGERT recipients at the Center for the Study of Complex Systems. Then I spent an hour with Rich Ling. Talked with Larry Lessig and watched his presentation in the afternoon. Then saw E. O. Wilson speak on his book Consilience in the evening.

This Friday, we IGERT fellows will be hangin w/ Douglas Hofstadter and John Conway!

What a place!

Laugh. Revolt. Resist.

Larry Lessig was here last Friday and gave a brilliant presentation that encouraged us to "Laugh. Revolt. Resist." the absurdity of those who would push copyright law to evil extremes. Had me laughing one moment and crying the next.

Reminded me of the way that Thomas Covenant triumphs over Lord Foul, and, of course, the way we all can triumph over any evil.

Thanks, L! That's "funy stuf"; you keep doin' that.

The Power of Conversation

My post "The Power of Conversation" has been getting some attention over at Many-to-Many