Sunday, January 08, 2006

World Torrents

It's insane how much I get done. It's even more insane how inadequate it is for just keeping up with the world.

So, drawing on BitTorrent, and the whole torrent metaphor, I'm thinking about writing something about WorldTorrents.

Takes me back to the Police song in the 80s...

Too much information
Runnin' through my brain;
Too much information,
Drivin' me insane...


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 - 2006: Old Year, New Year

Well, 2005 is over and what a year. Got moved to Ann Arbor. Had a great time crossing the country from Utah and going to Yellowstone and Wind Cave with the fam.

We've gotten well-settled in Ann Arbor, found friends, found grocery stores, all that stuff.

Got past the first semester of U Mich's Ph.D. programme. Did well. Even got an A+ in one class with a recommendation to publish my final paper. :-)

And got my book proposal accepted by an academic publisher for a series that I really like. My book should fit in well with the rest of the series. Manuscript to be written in summer of 2006 (this year).

Other than that, no big plans for 2006. Maybe a jaunt to SC for a (OMG) 20 yr high school reunion?